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Every year West Tennessee Home Education Association selects two 11th or 12th grade students who exemplify excellence. Not only in academics but also in other areas such as character, music, art, speech & debate, community service and so on. Students are selected from WTHEA members who submit written applications to a committee.
​These students will represent home schooling excellence in West Tennessee at the Tennessee Home Education Association's (THEA) Capitol Hill and Rally Day at our state capitol Nashville. This is a day when home schoolers gather together from all over the state to meet with their representatives and legislators and to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy. During the program Outstanding Students from throughout Tennessee are recognized and honored for their achievements.

How to apply for the Outstanding Student Award:​​
  • Fill out the application.
  • Write up your students biography in paragraph form.​
  • Applications must include a letter of recommendation, which can be brief and a portrait photo of the student (at least 6 mega pixel)
  • Submit the application, bio, picture and recommendation letter either by mail or by email before February 13, 2018.

Letters of Recommendation could be from: a Teacher/Tutor (for an academic subject, music, Speech & Debate or sports coach), your THEA Chapter Area Coordinator, a Mentor, your Church Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, Employer or other Personal Contact other than a family member or relative.

To Submit Application by Mail: Complete the application forms, plus student bio in paragraph form and mail to WTHEA along with a disc containing picture of your student and a letter of recommendation, which can be brief.
Mail to:
​​WTHEA c/o Outstanding Student
PO Box 10013
Jackson Tn 38308

To Submit Application by E-mail: E-mail the completed the Application Forms, your student’s picture and bio to WTHEA with Outstanding Student Application Form & Picture in the Subject Line. And at least one letter of recommendation which can be brief with Outstanding Student Recommendation in the Subject Line. These can be submitted in one email or separately to outstandingstudent@wthea.org

Most commonly asked question:
Do the outstanding students have to give a speech? No
Do the outstanding students have to perform in any way on stage? No
What does the Outstanding Student do at Rally Day? They provide a face for home schooling excellence in West Tennessee.

Compile a biographical summary which includes the following:

 Family Information & parents’ Names
 Student’s name
 Age, date of birth
 Number of years home educated
 List of achievements, and future plans

Here are some extra guidelines to help with your graduation biography, for college application, and also for “outstanding student” nominations.*

​ Academic Accomplishments
     (Test scores may be included if desired.)
 Awards / Honors Received
 Church / Christian Activities
 Clubs / Organizations
 Community Involvement
 Work Opportunities
 Athletics
 Hobbies / Areas of Interest
 Future Goals / Educational Plans
 List the years involved for each heading.
     (​For the biography, write in the third person.)

Nominations must be E-mailed or postmarked by February 13, 2018.

*Only WTHEA members are eligible for the WTHEA Outstanding Students Award.
WTHEA 2018 Outstanding Students ​of the Year Award